Focus on the Future

Focus on the Future

Volleyball is a an easy sport to pick up. Just ask anyone and they will tell you how they totally can play volleyball, in fact they were the best player at the company picnic or in gym class… 🙂 But we all know it is incredibly hard to master. Backyard volleyball and Competitive volleyball are WORLDS apart. And while I still have a lot to learn I’ve picked up a few tips I’d like to share to becoming a better volleyball player.

1). Focus on the Future: Too often I’ve seen players become fixated on adapting to bad passing, setting etc. They start to play off the net as a setter assuming the pass will be out of system, or the hitter hesitates running their route assuming a bad set. When players do this they develop bad habits and techniques that can actually exacerbate the problem. So what can we do? Focus on the Future! Watch top level teams and players and push yourself to learn the techniques and tricks they are using, strive to make yourself a better player and not just adapt to your current environment.

2). Goal Setting: Setting goals is a powerful tool in achieving success in volleyball. When you concentrate on the future, you can create specific, achievable objectives. Whether it’s perfecting your serve, becoming a more versatile player, or leading your team to victory, having clear goals in mind helps you stay motivated and committed to your progress.

3). Forget the Past: Maintaining a positive mindset is a game-changer. Dwelling on past errors or losses can weigh you down mentally, affecting your confidence and performance. Shifting your focus to the future allows you to approach each game with a fresh, optimistic perspective. A positive attitude can lead to better teamwork, enhanced motivation, and overall success.

Finally always remember why you fell in love with volleyball in the first place – because it’s fun and exhilarating! The future is where you’ll continue to enjoy and nurture your passion for the sport. By looking ahead, you can keep your excitement alive for the opportunities, challenges, and victories that await you on the court. By concentrating on what lies ahead and leaving the past behind, you empower yourself to grow, maintain a positive mindset, set and achieve goals, compete healthily, and, most importantly, continue to enjoy the sport you’re passionate about. So, keep your eyes on the future, and you’ll be well on your way to spiking your way to success on the volleyball court!

Coach Kevin